AISMEQ Consulting

AISMEQ Consulting is part of AISMEQ Group that focus on management consultancy business that provide services of ISO series and Non-ISO series such as quality, management, human capital, financial, technical, maintenance, sustainable procurement, smart city and so on. We keep expanding The group was established in 2011 that has initial business in general product provider, in 2014 we engaged in management consultancy with range of consultancy from designing, developing and maintaining system of ISO Series and non-ISO series such as problem solving, design and integrating specific system, training, audit services, certification and recognition.

Our cores business focus on how to contribute to the cleaner, quitter, greener and better world as part of our dream to support sustainable development and achieving corporate platform in which we are committed to build dignified standard of living, health and safety, sustainable environment & energy as well as socially responsible business.

Vision & Mission

To be reliable management consulting company byproviding valuable consultancy for our client

Pursuing your satisfaction by providing solution, best services, saving cost and time through efficiency, effectiveness and expertise of consultation process


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